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Covid-19 Patients Are Struggling To Cope After Leaving Hospitals

07/13/20 4:11 PM

Patients who battle severe after-effects of the viral infection are turning to local doctors or YouTube videos for help in the absence of post-discharge rehab protocols.

Russian Constitution Change Ends Hopes For Same-Sex Marriage

07/13/20 11:56 AM

Russian voters approved July 1 a package of constitutional amendments, one of them stipulating that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Read The Latest About The COVID-19 Outbreak

07/13/20 9:37 AM

Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects across the world.

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The return of Jeff Sessions? Who takes on John Cornyn? Here's what to watch in Tuesday's elections

07/14/20 7:00 AM

President Trump's former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is battling against the president's preferred candidate in Alabama's Senate race. The race is one of several set to be settled on Tuesday.       

'MythBusters' star Grant Imahara, host of 'White Rabbit Project,' dies at 49

07/14/20 8:40 AM

"MythBusters" co-host Adam Savage is "at a loss, no words" following the sudden death of fellow host Grant Imahara at 49.       

L.A., San Diego schools will start online this fall - a growing trend against what Trump wants

07/13/20 11:30 PM

LAUSD and San Diego schools are going online for fall 2020. Will other districts' reopening plans defy Trump and do the same?       

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America Isn't Prepared To Bring Back Sports

07/11/20 8:00 AM

Major League Baseball and other pro leagues are eager to start playing again, but the worsening pandemic makes it clear that's a bad idea.

Amazon Pulls Merchandise For Washington NFL Team

07/08/20 5:54 PM

The online retailer has pulled merchandise, including jerseys, t-shirts and jewelry promoting Washington D.C.'s professional football team.

WNBA Players Call For Senator Kelly Loeffler To Be Booted From League

07/07/20 9:57 PM

Loeffler, who is co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, wrote a letter objecting to the WNBA's support of Black Lives Matter.