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"Nihao Mars": China Spacecraft Touches Down On Red Planet, Makes History

05/15/21 6:50 AM

China's probe to Mars touched down on the Red Planet early Saturday to deploy its Zhurong rover, state media reported, a triumph for Beijing's increasingly bold space ambitions and a history-making...

"One Of The Most Kind People You Would Ever Meet": She Escaped The Holocaust But Not The Pandemic

01/06/21 12:24 PM

Malvina Shabes escaped Poland during World War II and found refuge in Canada. A COVID-19 outbreak in a retirement home killed her.View Entire Post ›

'A poison for social cohesion’: German govt’s wealth report shows disparity between rich & poor is ‘solidifying’

05/13/21 6:11 PM

Low-income families in Germany have ever fewer chances of climbing out of poverty, the German government’s latest poverty and wealth report confirms, in what Berlin’s critics describe as a testament to inequality. Read Full Article at

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'It's horrifying': Civilians tell of fear, uncertainty in Israel-Hamas conflict

05/15/21 2:59 PM

Residents in Gaza and Israel told ABC News of the fear and uncertainty during the worst violence in the Israel-Palestinian conflict in years.

'Microfarms' come to South L.A. frontyards, bringing fresh produce to food deserts

05/13/21 8:00 AM

Jamiah Hargins wants microfarms to feed Los Angeles one frontyard at a time.

'Our mental health system is really overwhelmed.' As young people struggle to adapt to pandemic, experts say they're concerned

05/14/21 10:34 PM

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -- For the past 14 months, children across Western New York have had to turn their homes into schools and their computers into classrooms. "It's been extremely difficult," said Amy Leach, a mother of students in the Clarence Central School District. "These kids need social interaction." Although COVID-19 poses a lesser risk [...]

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'She wore hearing aids': How a Zoom call with Tamika Catchings affirmed everything

05/15/21 6:55 AM

As a kid in Connecticut, writer Dan Hajducky read lips and paid extra attention to detail. When he noticed a Tennessee basketball star named Tamika Catchings wearing hearing aids, he was inspired to reconsider his own hearing loss.

2021 NWSL season preview: Everything you need to know

05/13/21 1:20 PM

The stage is set for what promises to be a memorable 2021 NWSL regular season, which kicks off on May 15. Here’s everything you need to know. The post Hertha BSC 0, FC Köln 0 appeared first on

2021 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview: Capitals vs. Bruins

05/13/21 11:52 AM

The Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins haven’t met in the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 2012. Here’s how the two teams match up, which players figure to be the X-Factors, and more. The post Hertha BSC 0, FC Köln 0 appeared first on