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Retailer Shein Says It Made 'A Gigantic Mistake' Selling Swastika Necklace

07/10/20 11:25 AM

The fast-fashion site was blasted on social media for offering the pendant, just days after it pulled decorative rugs that resembled Muslim prayer mats.

Big Oil’s Fallback Plan Is Falling Flat

07/09/20 8:00 AM

But the industry’s political lobbying during the pandemic has been a smashing success.

Oil And Gas Pipelines Look Like Increasingly Risky Bets

07/06/20 6:06 PM

Back-to-back decisions to abandon one pipeline and deactivate another show how vulnerable these projects are, despite the White House’s support.

Uber Reportedly Agrees To Buy Postmates In $2.65 Billion All-Stock Deal

07/06/20 1:36 AM

The deal has been approved by Uber’s board, Bloomberg reported, and could be announced as soon as Monday.

What Should CEOs Learn From Crisis To Build A Better Future? Ask D&I Thought Leader Gloria Castillo

07/01/20 2:13 PM

A new set of challenges are testing corporate leadership’s ability to support their employees and their communities.

Puerto Rico’s Troubled Utility Is A Goldmine For U.S. Contractors

07/01/20 5:45 AM

Billions of dollars in contracts have been awarded to politically connected Americans, even as Puerto Ricans suffer electricity outages.

Segway Hits The Brakes On Its Flagship Product

06/23/20 6:50 PM

The self-balancing scooter that was popular with tourists and police officers but also associated with high-profile crashes, will be retired next month.

Las Vegas Casino Workers Beg Guests To Wear Masks As Nevada Cases Rise

06/23/20 4:28 PM

The Culinary Workers Union is urging state leaders to issue a mask-wearing requirement since too many customers apparently can't take a hint.

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Laying Off Hundreds Of Workers And Offshoring Their Jobs

06/19/20 1:31 PM

It doesn't appear these positions will be returning after the pandemic.

Snapchat Quietly Removes Juneteenth Filter That Had Users Smiling To Break Chains

06/19/20 12:00 PM

The social media app created a filter to celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S., but many users criticized it as “ridiculous” and “awkward.”

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